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Supreme and Shawnee boats have been a staple on rivers, lakes, and inter-coastal waterways for over 35 years.  Shop here for all your boat accessories to make your next fishing trip complete.

Supreme and Shawnee Boats

Authorized YETI dealer

We are an authorized YETI dealer. Shop here for all your YETI needs. We can get just what you want in the color that you are looking for.

Boat Accessories

We carry all the best boat accessories from rod holders to battery tie downs. We can get any accessory you need to customize your Supreme boat.

Boat Interiors

Customize your boat to exactly what you want. We make seats, floors, and more with the colors and style you choose.


I have owned virtually every brand of fiberglass trout/river boat made, and Supreme boats are hands down the best boat I have owned. Supreme boats run in very shallow water and will accommodate four people fishing with plenty of room to spare. Supreme’s are handcrafted by some of the best boat builders in the business, and their craftsmanship is evident when you take a closer look. The top notch team at Supreme builds a solid trout fishing machine, and his boats boast the highest resale value in the business. Thank you, Supreme for keeping me on the fish!  

Craig M. - Sylamore, AR

Over my 34 years of guiding trout fishermen on the White River, I have owned many different river boats. I bought my first Supreme river boat in 1995 and have run a Supreme boat in my guiding business ever since that time. The boat's stability, durability, and aesthetics are top of the line, as is the resale value when I get ready to trade. Guiding an average of 200 days a year for trout on the area rivers, I cannot think of another boat that I would rather be in than a Supreme river boat. Low water or high water, the Supreme river boat gets the job done. Thank you, Supreme for keeping my customers happy and safe for the last 18 years. 

David C. - Cotter, AR

Thank you, Shawnee! My friend at the dealership just dropped off my new Shawnee Deluxe today, and I am absolutely floored by your boat guys!  Really... I don't even know what to say, but this boat far exceeds my expectations!! I am like a kid who can't sleep waiting for Christmas presents the night before as I can't wait to get on the water with this new fishing machine tomorrow. Thanks again for helping make the order easy!  Sincerely, Craig

Craig S. - Sioux City, Iowa